System Installation

Taking a pile of computer hardware and software – and making it work together as one, unified computing system is what we do. From the hundreds of computer hardware components, cables & with overwhelming options of software – where do you start? Let HPC Integrators take the burden off & ensure you go from a pile of parts & choices to a unified and tuned high performance computing system.

HPC Integrators Ten List

  1. Operating System Installation (RedHat, SuSe, Fedora, CentOS)
  2. Software updates
  3. Installation & integration of third party applications
  4. MPI (Message Passing Interface)
  5. Cluster management (Open PBS, PBS Professional, MOAB, Open Source options, etc.)
  6. Testing
  7. Storage (NAS, SAN, multiple SANs, storage servers)
  8. File System (GPS, GPFS, Lustre, NFS)
  9. Performance testing & tuning (Linpack, Bonnie, etc)
  10. We work closely with you to ensure your satisfaction!