HPC Integrators

HPC Integrators provides high performance computing (HPC) cluster set-up and professional remote management services for customers with smaller systems (as few as two nodes, up-to-256 nodes), eliminating the need to hire an expensive full-time system administrator.

We also support the integration & ongoing management of larger systems for teams needing access to seasoned system administers who possess a deep knowledge of building & managing some of the largest cluster systems in the world.

Working with HPC Integrators will not only provide you the peace-of-mind of knowing you are achieving the highest ROI possible out of your cluster investment – but save you money at the same time. We look forward to working with you.


HPC Integrators was formed by Nate Fuhriman to address the needs of organizations that have made an HPC cluster computing investment, and desire senior-level system administration support, at an affordable price.

With experience at Linux Networx and SGI, Nate’s resume represents one of the most esteemed in High Performance Computing (HPC) and cluster computing today. As one of the first integration engineers at Linux Networx, Nate worked on countless cluster computing systems, managing system integration and ongoing system health and technical support.

Nate’s experience spans the spectrum. At the high-end he was on the team that built the historic MCR Linux cluster for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory – at the time the third fastest computer in the world, and the first Linux cluster to perform as a top ten computer (ranked #3). Nate has also integrated numerous smaller systems with only a few nodes. He has set-up and managed dozens of 256 node clusters for The Boeing Company during his tenure at Linux Networx.

As the founder of HPC Integrators, Nate takes a hands-on approach to ensure each client is completely satisfied. Nate has developed a pool of seasoned administrators he pulls from to fulfill client needs.